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David Spry

David Spry has three official releases to date.

'Wilfully Adrift' (2018) is the latest release for David Spry. Crafted over a number of years, the album is a departure from his well-known Roots Reggae style, introducing a deep well of emotion and showcasing David's rich voice and masterful lyrics. Spry says he had a hand in all aspects of the release, moulding it with clear intention to bring a carefully crafted set of songs that take listeners on a moving journey. From gritty and raw songs such as 'Mountain Man' to spiritual and empowering tracks like 'Free', the album is a cinematic journey that David invites you to join him on whilst he is wilfully adrift.

David's second release 'The Moral High Ground' (2013) self titled to reflect his Roots band. The Moral High Ground are an aptly named musical ensemble who not only steer David on the right path, but together create a diverse global sound effortlessly combining Reggae, Roots and Blues and taking it to a higher level. The album sees light and shade from delicate tracks such as 'Life is Such' to the groove driven 'Credit Card Debt' and 'All The Lies'. Re-workings of David's lighthearted tracks 'Rollin' and 'Love Shoes' show David Spry & The Moral High Ground's full footprint.

'Slowly, Slowly' (2011) David's first released acoustic album accompanied with Toby Robinson on Slide Guitar, Banjo and vocals. David harbours a secret pleasure in the rawness of this release. There is something captivating in minimal tracks such as 'Try' and the simple dynamics between instruments shine through in 'Charity' and 'Sun'. This album is easy listening, yet holds a backbone of groove. 

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